Business Suits For Men- Buy Business Suits Online for Men at affordable rates.|, Business etiquette is an established order of conduct in the field of business and business contacts.Etiquette, if we understand it as the established order of behavior, helps to avoid misses or to smooth in their accessible, using common methods.
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Business Suits For Men- There are some rules of wearing business suits for men.

1)Never wear a suit and sports shoes at the same time. These things are incompatible in their purpose.

2)If you wear a suit, always wear a tie. Tie to a suit is necessary. Business men's suit without a tie is not worn. Exceptions are sports jackets, which can be worn even on a t-shirt. But such jackets do not belong to business clothes. 

It is unacceptable to wear double-breasted jackets without a tie.

3)A man's shirt worn with a suit should have long sleeves. It is considered elegant if cuff shirts are visible from under the sleeves of his jacket about 1.5 - 2 cm. It is best to choose a shirt that does not have chest pockets.

4)Do not stand out with your clothes during working hours. In everyday communication, a low-key suit is considered good form.

5)Don't wear too light suits. The most common colors are dark blue, dark gray.

If you do not know what shoes or shirt to choose, then prefer a white shirt and black shoes.

Unity of style is easiest to achieve by choosing plain items of clothing. Many men believe that such combinations are not attractive, but it is not. For example, if the head is dressed in a dark blue suit, white shirt and dark red tie, it indicates his good taste. A plain suit should be the main element of a business man's clothing. This suit has the property of combining well with solid colors and patterns of other elements of clothing, which greatly simplifies the choice of the right combination: suit-shirt-tie. The suit can be blue, gray, beige, brown.

Not everyone knows that the combination of brown and blue tones gives the appearance of authority and solidity. For example, a brown and blue plaid suit, a blue shirt and tie with an abstract pattern of blue and brown tones.

If a man chooses a suit of orange, brown or gold tones, then he should remember that in combination with a white shirt, only a tie will fit, emphasizing the orange, brown or gold component of the suit.

Every man in business suit should know that in business situations it is not recommended to give preference to clothes of bright colors, because such a suit attracts attention and requires a particularly fine taste and a lot of experience.

As a spoil business kind of men ties with images symbols, emblems, with newspaper texts and "masterpieces" painting. Business people should avoid black, purple, purple colors, intersecting and overlapping patterns, very short and massive ties, the latter especially do not go to heavy men with a short neck.

A man dressed in a classic suit always looks elegant.

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