Pakistani Sherwani for Men - Men Sherwani for Pakistani Groom Online |, black sherwani, white sherwani, wedding, and all other collection available. Sherwanis are for the most part worn in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. ... One significant contrast between sherwani wearing propensities is the decision of lower piece of clothing, while in India, the dress is recognized by their inclination for churidars or dhotis, in Pakistan Sherwani and Bangladesh, it is mostly worn with shalwar.
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As the groom, everyone's eyes will be on you, and you need to create a classy and suave impression. This is not possible with low grade fabric sherwani suits as no matter how classy its embroidery, it will not look elegant. Your sherwani should complement the beautiful lehenga or saree your fiancée wears at the wedding.
Never wear a wedding Pakistani Sherwani which does not fit you properly as it makes you look fatter and shorter than you actually are. It also does not make you feel comfortable, which is very important during your wedding day. If you are uncomfortable, you will find it difficult focusing on the wedding rituals and celebrations!
While looking for your sherwani, check the designs meant for your body type. You may consider buying one with padded shoulders if you are very thin as it makes you look well built.
It's better to take your fiancée along while doing your wedding shopping. If this is not feasible, find out what colored dress she plans to wear so that you can buy a matching colored sherwani. Clashing colored wedding attire only makes you look awkward in your wedding photographs, which are meant to be a lifetime's keepsake!
Not only should you look for Pakistani Sherwani suits which match your bride's dress's color, it should also match your skin tone and body type. So if you are a heavy or overweight groom, don't think of wearing a light colored sherwani with large prints or embroidery. It does not complement your body structure and color.
Similarly, it's not advisable to wear a dark colored sherwani bearing small prints if you are very thin as it only makes you look even thinner. All this proves that no matter how beautiful you think the design and color of a sherwani may be, do not buy it if it does not complement you. Remember you are the star of the occasion, and you need to look and dress like one!
If you have always been simple with your dressing, this is the time you need to let your simplicity take a backseat in your dressing. Look for sherwanis which offer and opulent visual appeal and look suave on you.
Look for something special as this is a once in a lifetime occasion and reason to wear something unique for a change. Moreover, if you wear something plain, you only end up looking pale or overshadowed by stunningly dressed bride!
So remember to keep these five aspects in mind if and when you are doing your shopping for wedding sherwanis at stores like Use these tips to help you make the right choice, so that not only your bride, but both of you are carefully admired and observed on your special day!
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