Sherwani for men

Beige and Brown Wedding Sherwani


Beige and Brown Wedding Sherwani

Shervani is a long coat-like garment worn in the Indian subcontinent. It can be distinguished from the achkan by the fact that it is shorter in length, is often made from heavier suiting fabrics, and by In Bangladesh, the sherwani is worn by people on formal occasions such as wedding and eid.

The sherwani evolved from Persian cape, which was given buttons down the front, following the European fashion. It originated in the 19th century British India as the European style court dress of regional mughal nobles and royals of northern India, before being more generally adopted in the late 19th.

Beige and Brown Wedding Sherwani Hand Made for Men by includes 6 pc sherwani with made to order outfit. Order now FREE SHIPPING!


- Made to order body fit size

- Free turban

- Innerwear

- Trouser/Shalwar

- Sherwani Coat

- Free shipping worth $55 for the limited time only

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