Stylish Pakistani Sherwani new velvet design


Stylish Pakistani Sherwani new  velvet design 

If we trace back to the time, we will find kurta pajama as the most preferred traditional wear for men at an Indian wedding. But with changing times, new fashion evolutions took place and sherwani took over the fashion circuit as the prime apparel for men. Fashion designers and Bollywood have brought in immense popularity to this piece of clothing. Nowadays, a men’s sherwani is a set of extravagant clothing worn in Pakistan  with an embellished long coat, a kurta and a churidar pant or a pair of dhoti pants.

This iis a new design sherwani is very special and looks luxury.


Pakistani Sherwani Hand Made for Men by includes 6 pc sherwani with made to order outfit. Order now FREE SHIPPING! includes - Made to order body fit size - Free turban - Innerwear - Trouser/Shalwar - Sherwani Coat - Free shipping worth $55 for the limited time only For any questions email

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